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– North Carolina –
Insurance School of North Carolina, Approved Cont. Ed. Provider #S11128

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Save Your North Carolina Insurance License!

From 3 to 24 Approved CE Credit Hours including Ethics

...Only $49 to $199!
  • Finish ALL 24 Hours Approved Continuing Education Credits, including 3 Hours Ethics to renew your North Carolina Insurance License!
  • Final Exam Online or on Paper!
  • Pay only for the North Carolina insurance CE hours you need!
  • All of the North Carolina Insurance Continuing Education Requirements are covered!
  • No time wasted from your job, driving to and from a classroom or seminar!
  • Finish in one afternoon, if you wish, from the comfort of your own home or office!
  • Over 3,000,000+ courses completed across the U.S. since 1974 with our insurance school!
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
  • Select your NC insurance CE courses below, for Online or Priority Mail Printed Textbook Delivery
  • All prices INCLUDE the $1.65/Credit Hour Fee to report completion of your course to the state!
Fast Online or Priority Mail Delivery! - Finish Quickly and Easily!
Use This Section for *Online Delivery of Your Materials
   Click Here if you Prefer to Receive Printed Textbooks
Select courses below and click the Order Now! button.
(Click on a Course Title to See the Outline for the Course)
  24 Hr Combo 1: Full Requirements - NAIC
(Includes N.C. Ethics Requirement)
24 Hours - General Credits
  • Agent Ethics & Responsibilities - NAIC - NC
  • Concepts of Disability Income Ins. - NAIC - NC
  • Insurance Laws in the US - NAIC - NC
  • Life, Accident & Health Insurance - NAIC - NC
  $199.00 $417.00
  24 Hr Combo 2: Full Requirements - NAIC
(Includes N.C. Ethics Requirement)
24 Hours - General Credits
  • Agent Ethics & Responsibilities - NAIC - NC
  • Law and the Insurance Contract - NAIC - NC
  • Insurance Laws in the US - NAIC - NC
  • Legal Concepts of Insurance - NAIC - NC
  $199.00 $417.00
  Agent Ethics & Responsibilities - NAIC 3/3 Hours Ethics / General   $59.00 $124.00
  Business Continuation Insurance - NAIC 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Law and the Insurance Contract - NAIC 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Concepts of Disability Income Ins. - NAIC 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Insurance Laws in the US - NAIC 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Life, Accident & Health Insurance - NAIC 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Legal Concepts of Insurance - NAIC 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Policy Premium Laws in America - NAIC 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Insurance Ethics Training - NAIC 3 Hours Ethics   $49.00 $103.00

If You'd Rather Have Printed Textbooks Copies of the Material Sent to You:
  24 Hr Combo 1: Full Requirements (shipped to you)
(Includes N.C. Ethics Requirement)
24 Hours - General Credits
  • Agent Ethics & Responsibilities - NC
  • Concepts of Disability Income Ins. - NC
  • Insurance Laws in the US - NC
  • Life, Accident & Health Insurance - NC
  $199.00 $417.00
  24 Hr Combo 2: Full Requirements (shipped to you)
(Includes N.C. Ethics Requirement)
24 Hours - General Credits
  • Agent Ethics & Responsibilities - NC
  • Law and the Insurance Contract - NC
  • Insurance Laws in the US - NC
  • Legal Concepts of Insurance - NC
  $199.00 $417.00
  Agent Ethics & Responsibilities (shipped to you) 3/3 Hours Ethics / General   $59.00 $124.00
  Business Continuation Insurance (shipped to you) 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Law and the Insurance Contract (shipped to you) 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Concepts of Disability Income Ins. (shipped to you) 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Insurance Laws in the US (shipped to you) 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Life, Accident & Health Insurance (shipped to you) 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Legal Concepts of Insurance (shipped to you) 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Policy Premium Laws in America (shipped to you) 6 Hours General   $59.00 $124.00
  Insurance Ethics Training (shipped to you) 3 Hours Ethics   $49.00 $103.00

State of North Carolina Department of Insurance Requirements

  • Beginning January 1,2008.....
  • Agents with a major line of authority license and adjusters will be required to complete 24 credit hours every 2 years, including 3 hours of ethics.
  • All property agents, personal lines agents and adjusters will be required to complete 24 credit hours every 2 years, including 3 hours of flood insurance (we do not offer the 3-hour flood course)
  • Resident agents and adjusters and non-resident adjusters with North Carolina CE requirements who hold one or more of the following licenses: Property, Casualty, Personal Lines, Life, Accident/Health/Sickness, or Variable Life/Variable Annuity Products and adjuster (company/independent, public and self employed), may complete their 24 CE credit hours requirement by taking courses in General, Ethics and Flood categories
  • The compliance period to meet the CE requirements will be based on the licensee's birth month and birth year (odd or even year).
  • CE requirements need to be completed by the last day of the licensee's birth month in the compliance year.
  • Paper Exams must be monitored by a disinterested third party, if we ship book & paper exam to you. (closed book exam).
  • Courses are repeatable every 2 years.
  • There are no minimum or maximum requirements for CE credit hours to carryover as general credit hours. Any amount over the required number of CE hours will carry forward to the next biennial compliance period.  Excess Flood and Ethics credit hours can only carry over as General credit hours.
  • Course provider is responsible for reporting course completion to Sircon with $1.65 per credit processing fee.
  • A licensee has 120 days or 4 months (make-up period) after the CE compliance date to complete the deficit hours. Once the deficit hours are completed and the licensee has verified through Prometric that the hours are showing on the CE transcript, the licensee should contact the Department to request reinstatement.   Only when the Department can verify the hours have posted to the licensee record through Prometric will the license will be reinstated. You will have to contact your companies to be re-appointed.
  • Until CE is completed, the license remains expired and the licensee cannot conduct insurance business.
  • If CE is not completed by the end of the 120 days, the license becomes inactive. Pre-licensing education must be completed and the state examination must be passed to receive a new license.
  • Courses approved for General Credits can be applied toward both Producer and Adjuster licenses. 

* To take final exam online courses - following the NAIC Standards

  • The NC DOI requires you (the student) to spend at least 6 Hours Reading & Completing Quizzes per course, Prior to taking the CLOSED Book Final Exam(s).
  • Online Exams for Internet/Online Courses DO NOT Require a Proctor.
  • Proctor must be present during entire length of final exam for Paper Exams; Disinterested third party, someone who is not a relative or business associate.
  • After completing and submitting exam online, a downloadable version of the Affidavit of Personal Responsibility form must be printed out from the computer which the exam was taken and signed by the student. 
      — Online Final: Fax Your Student Affidavit of Personal Responsibility and Get Results
         in Only 2 Hours!
  • After Affidavit has been filled out and signed by student, please fax to 619-222-8593
  • Upon receipt of the Affidavit, you will be given access to print out the certificate of completion for the course that was succesfully completed.
  • Credits for completion of course will be submitted by roster via email to appropriate state insurance department or credit processing firm.
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