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Insurance School of New York, Approved Cont. Ed. Provider #NYPO-100400

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        Codes Used for Lines Approved Listed Below:
  • LA - Life/Accident & Health Agents
  • Cl - Life Consultants
  • LB - Life/Accident & Health Brokers
  • BR - Brokers
  • C3 - General Consultants
  • PC - Property/Casualty Agents
  • PA - Public Adjuster
  15 Hr Combo: Full Requirements 16 hours - LA, Cl, LB, BR, C3, PC & PA
  • Agent Ethics & Responsibilites (8 hrs)
  • Insurance Law in the U.S., 2nd Ed. (8 hrs)
  •   $199.00 $834.00
      Agent Ethics & Responsibilities 8 hours - LA, Cl, LB, BR, C3, PC & PA   $99.50 $417.00
      Business Continuation Insurance 8 Hours - LA, Cl, LB, BR, C3, PC & PA   $99.50 $417.00
      Insurance Law in the U.S., 2nd Ed. 8 Hours - LA, Cl, LB, BR, C3, PC & PA   $99.50 $417.00
      Law & the Insurance Contract 8 Hours - LA, Cl, LB, BR, C3, PC & PA   $99.50 $329.00
      Legal Concepts of Insurance 8 Hours - LA, Cl, LB, BR, C3, PC & PA   $99.50 $309.00
      Concepts of Disability Income Ins. 8 Hours - BR, LA, Cl, LB   $99.50 $309.00
      Life, Accident & Health Ins. in U.S. 8 Hours - LA, Cl, LB   $99.50 $309.00
      Policy Premium Laws in America 8 Hours - LA, Cl, LB   $99.50 $309.00

    If You'd Rather Have Printed Textbooks Copies of the Material Sent to You:
      15 Hr Combo: Full Requirements 16 hours - LA, Cl, LB, BR, C3, PC & PA
  • Agent Ethics & Responsibilites (8 hrs)
  • Insurance Law in the U.S., 2nd Ed. (8 hrs)
  •   $199.00 $834.00
      Agent Ethics & Responsibilities 8 hours - LA, Cl, LB, BR, C3, PC & PA   $99.50 $417.00
      Business Continuation Insurance 8 Hours - LA, Cl, LB, BR, C3, PC & PA   $99.50 $417.00
      Insurance Law in the U.S., 2nd Ed. 8 Hours - LA, Cl, LB, BR, C3, PC & PA   $99.50 $417.00
      Law & the Insurance Contract 8 Hours - LA, Cl, LB, BR, C3, PC & PA   $99.50 $329.00
      Legal Concepts of Insurance 8 Hours - LA, Cl, LB, BR, C3, PC & PA   $99.50 $309.00
      Concepts of Disability Income Ins. 8 Hours - BR, LA, Cl, LB   $99.50 $309.00
      Life, Accident & Health Ins. in U.S. 8 Hours - LA, Cl, LB   $99.50 $309.00
      Policy Premium Laws in America 8 Hours - LA, Cl, LB   $99.50 $309.00

    State of New York Department of Insurance Requirements

    • 15 credit hours are required every 2 years. Effective 7-1-03, All credits may be done by self-study.
    • Currently, there is no CE requirement for renewal of Independent Adjuster, Bail Bond, Mortgage Guarantee, or Re-insurance Intermediary licenses. Holders of all other licenses must complete the CE requirement as a condition of renewing those licenses.
    • Non Resident licensees may complete New York CE requirements by reciprocity with home state. Letter of Certification from a non-resident licensee’s home state indicating that the licensee is in good standing and is in compliance with the requirements of that state, including any CE requirements is required as proof. 
    • There is no CE reciprocity for non resident Public Adjusters. All New York licensed Public Adjusters must complete New York approved CE courses.
    • Continuing Ed. due dates are staggered based on the agents birthday
    • Exams must be monitored by state approved monitors. There are two ways to get the list of approved monitors:
    • Courses are no longer repeatable, ever. You should not repeat any course already reported for CE credit. Beginning with licenses renewing on or after February 1, 2009 you will NO LONGER be able to renew your license if reporting a course that was completed in an earlier licensing period.
    • Licensees CANNOT carry over excess credit hours. By statute, fifteen (15) new and different CE credits must be earned during each licensing period.
    • We do send in rosters to New York via internet.
    • Course providers are responsible for reporting course completion to the state.
    • Failure to comply with the c.e. requirement will result in license suspension. If your license expires before completing the CE requirement you will not be able to conduct new business until your license is reinstated. Reinstatement of your license requires completion of a relicensing application.

    * To take final exam online

    • Exam must be proctored by a STATE Approved Monitor
    • Proctor must be present during entire length of final exam
    • After completing and submitting exam online, a downloadable version of the Affidavit for Test Administrator form must be printed out from the computer which the exam was taken and signed by the proctor.
        — Online Final: Fax Your Test Administrator Affidavit and Get Results
           in Only 2 Hours!
    • After Affidavit has been filled out and signed by proctor, please fax to 619-222-8593
    • Upon receipt of the Affidavit, you will be given access to print out the certificate of completion for the course that was succesfully completed.
    • Credits for completion of course will be submitted by roster via email to appropriate state insurance department or credit processing firm.
    All content copyright © 1974-2017, Real Estate License Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. owns the trademarks CFP®, Certified Financial PlannerTM and XSMLLOGO certification marks in the U.S., which it awards to individual who successfully complete CFP Board's initial and ongoing certification requirements.